Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Vision - Demoniac's Membership Application

Who is Demoniac?

Demoniac is not a hardcore raiding guild.  We believe real life comes first before WoW and as such, we understand that people have time restrictions due to real life.  In addition to that, we strive to enjoy every aspect of this game.  We consider Demoniac to be a social, casual raiding, leveling, and PVP guild.  The only aspect of the game we don't really explore is roleplay, although we do not prohibit members from doing this.

Want to join?

Your application is a reflection of you and the person we're (hopefully) going to meet. Make sure you are thorough and give us a good indication of who you are before you submit it for review. Applicants are strongly encouraged to do the following before applying:

    * Read our Guild Charter.

    * Read our Guild Code of Conduct.

    * Read our Guild Ranks & Responsibilities.

    * Register your character(s).

Fill out the form below to apply to join Demoniac. Once your application is received it will be reviewed internally. You will receive notification on this website and/or in-game as soon as a decision is made.  The information you provide us in the application will help both us and you determine if this is the right guild for you.

We thank you for your interest in joining us!  After you have filled out the application, please make sure you verify your character(s).   Please give us a minimum of 48 hours to review your application.  As such, please refrain from contacting anyone in the guild in regards to your application.  We will contact you as soon as we have reviewed your application.  Thanks. 

Required Questions

01) What is you real name?

02) What is your age/age bracket?

03) What current/desired spec is your character and if this is your current character, can you please provide us with an armory link?

04) How long have you been playing World of Warcraft and what dungeon and raid experience do you have?

05) How often do you play World of Warcraft each week?

06) What is your raid day/time availability? What time zone are you in?

07) Do you have working access to imVOX ( (You will at least need the ability to listen - not necessarily speak)

08) What is your previous guild history and why did you leave those guilds?

09) Have you previously grouped with anyone in our guild now who can personally vouch for you?

10) What do you bring to the table? How can you contribute to help improve our guild?

11) What are your major pet peeves when it comes to a guild?

12) What are your must-haves when it comes to a guild?

13) What aspects of World of Warcraft do you enjoy the most? (for example; leveling, pvp, raiding, dungeons, farming, socializing, exploring, etc.)

14) We are still a growing guild, do you have issues with this being a smaller guild at the moment?

15) Where did you hear about us?

16) Have you read the guild charter, code of conduct, and rank policies?

Optional Questions

17) Do you have any additional comments, questions, or suggestions?

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