Monday, August 30, 2010

My Vision - Demoniac's Officer Recuitment Post

Are you someone that…

a) has an interest in becoming part of a close-knit community and has a desire for tolerance, support, and camaraderie?

b) believes high gear scores and excellent tactics mean nothing without honor and integrity?

c) is tired of just being a number on a raid roster?

d) wants to enjoy the game at your own pace and not be forced to raid?

e) desires the option to raid when you want?

f) wants to play an active role as part of the guild leadership team in helping your guild reach its full potential?

g) understands that real life takes precedence over WoW, but is still responsible for honoring their commitments made to the guild?

Demoniac of Blackhand-US is a newly-formed horde guild that was created to provide a home for those of us seeking a fairly casual environment, yet still see content at our own pace. What sets us apart from many other guilds you’ll encounter is that every one of our members has a chance to have input. We value each and every person and embrace what he or she has to offer.  We’re still in our infant stages so we are highly interested in patient individuals willing to put in the work to help make this the best home possible.

We’re currently looking for players to fill the roles of guild officer.  There are five  positions open right now; Raid Officer, Administration Officer, Recruitment Officer, Mitigation Officer, and Events Officer. Descriptions of each of these positions can be found below.  We’re recruiting intelligently and selectively. This means we’re looking for great people, not just great players. We don’t care that you are the best warlock we’ve ever seen – if you’re a jerk, you can look elsewhere.

Job duties and responsibilities:

Administration Officer - serves as the guild’s treasurer in not only managing the guild bank, but also taking guild meeting minutes.

Raid Officer -  oversees and schedules all guild raids and is in charge of appointing raid leaders, loot managers, and raid assistants.

Recruitment Officer - responsible for all matters concerning guild recruitment.

Mitigation Officer - primarily responsible to act as a mediator and help facilitate a conflict resolution when disagreements arise between members.

Events Officer - responsible for planning and running major guild events as well as monitoring guild morale.

While each of these roles may require specific qualifications, each of the officer positions require the following qualifications on some level or another.  Each officer applicant should…

a) have an exceptional sense of humor.

b) have enough game knowledge and experience to be able to advise, mentor, and guide others.

c) have the responsibility to fulfill the specific officer position they are applying for to the best of their ability.

d) be a minimum of 18 years of age.

e) have a desire and ability to lead a group of very diverse people without holding any favouritism or prejudice.

f) be able to arbitrate disputes calmly and fairly.

g) share the same vision and goals for the guild and help the vision and goals come to fruition.

h) not only be able to work with the guild’s membership but also be able to support and work closely with other officers.

i) be able to contribute ideas and suggestions to the officer council.

j) actively participate in the guild both in-game as well as on the website.

k) have maturity and be able to keep themselves out of guild drama.

l) be friendly and approachable.

m) be honest, trustworthy, and loyal to the guild and its members.

If you are interested in becoming an officer of Demoniac, be sure to fully read and understand both the guild charter and the guild code of conduct (can be found on the website). If you are interested in applying or have any questions, please send an email to Windrunner at  Our website can be found at

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