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My Vision - Demoniac's Guild Charter

 Again, I will be using the World of Matticus blog's article Build Your Own Guild as a guide to draw from.  I'll also be using various guild charters to draw from; namely: Chivalry of Eonar, Pendragon of Proudmoore, and Spectrum Rage/Spectrum Blade of Proudmoore.  The combination of these three guilds is basically what I'm looking to achieve.  Just as an aside, the name of the guild is Demoniac. 

Guild Philosophy

Demoniac is not a hardcore raiding guild.  We believe real life comes first before WoW and as such, we understand that people have time restrictions due to real life.  In addition to that, we strive to enjoy every aspect of this game.  We consider Demoniac to be a social, casual raiding, leveling, and PVP guild.  The only aspect of the game we don't really explore is roleplay, although we do not prohibit members from doing this.

The mission of the Demoniac of the Blackhand-US server is to form a cohesive group of individuals who will work and play together to create an enjoyable atmosphere for not only Guild Members but also those with whom Members interact in their travels through the lands of Azeroth.

Demoniac is not only a guild, it is a community of like-minded individuals who share the gaming values of respect, courtesy, support and cooperation. As such, it is expected that members of Demoniac will share these values and participate in the community in a positive manner.

Because Demoniac prides itself on developing a sense of community among its members, disruptive behavior or behavior that runs contrary to the community or values of the community may result in removal from the guild.

Demoniac will never require specific talent specs or consistent play-time. Although we do not require members to be helpful, we have worked hard to cultivate an atmosphere that balances give and take. When it is not possible to help the person who helped you, we pass it on to another guildee in need! This attitude has kept us going for a long time, and has contributed to our slow, steady growth.

If you want to build the best possible character, with the best gear possible: we are here to help you. If you just want to get on once a week with no greater plans than to chat with friends and maybe do a bit of questing, we will be here to listen and chat back! If you want to charge to the highest Arena ranking we will be here to encourage you and cheer you along your way. In other words, here at Demoniac your goals (or lack of them) will be respected!

Our requests:
  • respect your guildmates and others in WoW according to Demoniac’s Code;
  • realize that we are here to help you, but we are not here to ‘give’ you complete freebies without some investment in return. While we want to help you play the game, we also want you to enjoy the experience of leveling your character and being a little independent: learning a profession, learning how to grind for items or money, playing the AH, etc.

That said, this guild and its mission are not for everyone, and that is why there are hundreds of guilds out there. It’s also very true that this guild may be perfect for you now but after awhile that may change. While you will undoubtedly be missed, no one ever wants you to feel bad about leaving this guild. If your goals change then you should move to another guild, rather than try to change the guild in a way that doesn't match our philosophy. As long as someone leaves in a respectful way, all of us here will be happy to respect their choice!

If someone leaves, and later wishes to return they are almost always welcome. We are not here to support guild-hopping every few weeks, however, and may not reinvite someone if they join and leave Demoniac multiple times. There are always exceptions, however, and these may be discussed directly with our officers.

A note of caution: If you are the type of person who wants all the gold you can get no matter who you take it from, wants all the gear they can, takes help from others but never returns the favor, then this guild is not for you.

We hope that you have chosen to join us as we continue here on the Blackhand-US server. Hopefully, whether you are friends in another guild, or a member of our own, you will be a part of our striving to create a history and future where we are known for our Integrity!

Guild Structure

The governing structure for Demoniac is based on a Dark Council which is modeled after King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table wherein all Council Members serve in an equal capacity through various roles and duties. The Council consists of six Council Members which have been duly nominated and appointed to such positions by the Council at large. The Dark Council works to provide leadership and promote community development and is responsible for the establishment and enforcement of Guild Policies. Each Council Member is assigned a specific title and role within the Guild; however, every member of the Council should be able and willing to assist the other Council Members and General Membership as needed.

Demoniac's ranks are followed as described on the 'Membership Ranks' section. There is one Infernal at any given time. All officers are held to Demoniac's high standards, and are not only expected to follow the code, but are expected to exemplify those attributes in a manner that others can see as well. All officers must be active participants in the guild and keep up with the forums on a weekly basis.

The Dark Council consists of the following positions:

Guild Master (GM) aka Infernal – The Guild Master is responsible for the general oversight of the Guild. The GM conducts Council meetings, helps to coordinate tasks among the other Council Members, and fulfills other duties as needed and requested by the Council as a whole.  The GM will take on one of the officer roles while it holds the position of GM as well.  The rank of Infernal will not be limited to one person; it will be cycled through monthly by a different officer each month.

Administrative Officer (AO) – The AO is responsible for presenting agendas and gathering data for Council meetings and recording the minutes of such. The AO will also serve as the Guild’s Treasurer and oversee the financial status and business of the Guild (i.e. subscriptions, web site fees, Ventrilo, etc.). Monthly financial reports shall be included when the previous meeting minutes are submitted to all Council Members. Expenditure of Guild funds must be preapproved by the Council.  The AO is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Guild Bank. The AO will have a dedicated Auction House character which will be the tool used to place surplus items from the guild bank on the Auction House for sale. The AO is the only person that may sell items from the Guild Bank except in the circumstance that the AO is unavailable for an extended length of time in which case, the Council may appoint another Council Member to act as the AO on a temporary basis. The money gained will be placed back into the Guild bank for purchasing additional guild tabs and items which are necessary for raiding and other Guild events. The AO will work closely with Master Crafters and Gatherers (Advisers) and other Members to keep the Bank stocked with appropriate items.

Technical Officer (TO) - The TO is responsible for maintaining and overseeing the Guild website, Ventrilo and other social media outlets (facebook, twitter, etc.).  The TO will assist the AO if it is necessary.

Membership Recruitment Officer (MRO) - The MRO is responsible for all matters pertaining to recruitment of new Guild Members and their ensuing education regarding Guild operations and expectations. This position is not just about Guild recruitment; it includes presenting the Guild’s overall image to the public in a positive way. The MRO will work closely with Advisor Members to ensure that new Members are made to feel welcome through a variety of means and events.

Mitigation Officer (MO) - The MO’s primary responsibility is to act as a mediator and help facilitate a conflict resolution when disagreements arise between Members of any rank or a Member and a non-member. The MO will gather information by meeting with involved parties in both a private and a group setting. In the instance where a consensual agreement cannot be reached, the matter will be brought before the Council for final resolution with all involved parties in attendance.

Raid Officer (RO) - The RO is responsible for overseeing raid events for the Guild. It is not required that the RO act as a Raid Leader, but will organize regular weekly events in which Members may participate and which will not conflict [when possible] with other Guild events. Schedules will be posted on the Guild’s web site Events section where Members may sign up. The RO will be responsible for posting fight strategy guides and videos on the Guild's web site. The RO will work closely with the Events Officer to coordinate activities.  The RO will appoint two Raid Leaders and two Loot Managers from the veteran (Drude) membership.

Events Officer (EO) – The EO’s primary responsibility is to organize fun events in which Members may participate in order to gear up, level up, earn achievements and gain technical knowledge. The events need not be limited to established WoW events but may include parades, picture sessions and other events which will enhance the WoW experience as a Member of Demoniac. The EO will work closely with the Raid Officer when scheduling events.

Operations of the Dark Council

The Infernal (GM) will convene a meeting on a monthly basis with a set agenda. Meeting minutes being recorded and posted to an open forum on the Guild web site. Agenda items other than Monthly or Old Business must be posted on the Council forum at least two days prior to the scheduled meeting. The Council agenda will be posted to the Council Forum one day prior to the scheduled meeting. Contingency sessions may be called by any Council Member when the need arises and executive sessions may be held as necessary. All Members are invited to attend the regular monthly meetings on Ventrilo but are asked to request speaking time at least two days in advance by posting the request on the appropriate Guild web site forum. Complaints or problems which Members wish the Council to address must be brought to the Mitigation Officer first who will then bring it to the Council if deemed necessary.

All Council Members must have the ability and initiative to perform their specific duties as outlined. In addition, they must be willing to help other Members of any rank resolve problems and issues in a prompt and equitable manner. Demoniac is a family, and as leaders, Officers are responsible for ensuring that Guild Policies are upheld. Failure to exhibit these qualities or to conduct one's self in an exemplary manner means ineligibility for a Dark Council position.

When a Dark Council position becomes available the General Membership will be given the opportunity to elect an Adviser to fill the position. Only interested Advisers with the necessary skills to perform the duties of the open Council Member position will be eligible for election. An election will be held where a majority vote is required to bring the nomination to the Dark Council for final approval. All elections will be open for no less than one week but are subject to be extended as needed. If a majority vote is not reached within the time allotted, the dark Council may appoint an Adviser which meets the position requirements to fill the post at its discretion.

A Council Member may be removed from office for reason by a majority vote of the Council with the Council Member in question being ineligible to vote. The General Membership may also initiate a vote to recall an Council Member from the Council by submitting a petition to such effect on the appropriate Guild web site forum. If fifty-one percent of the active Members approve the recall, the Council Member will be removed from the Council.

Guild Membership

As Members travel the many paths of Azeroth they act as emissaries of Demoniac and are thus expected to conduct themselves in a manner which is becoming to the Guild. Crude language, demeaning or insulting comments and rude or petty behavior have no place in any Guild chat or interactive forums and will be dealt with immediately at the witnessing Council Member's and/or MO’s discretion upon receiving a complaint. That is not to say that members are expected to be straight-laced and uptight, but rather to be mindful that it requires a little courtesy and discretion to build good group dynamics. When interacting with a regularly convening Guild group [i.e. a raid team] these rules may be relaxed to a level at which all members of the team are comfortable.

Member Applications

An individual wishing to apply for membership to the Guild shall submit an application for membership through the Guild’s website. The application will be reviewed and approved or rejected by a majority vote of the Dark Council.

Member Ranks

Fiend – A Fiend is an individual who has applied for membership to the Guild through the required channels, has agreed to abide by the published Guild Policies and been welcomed into the Guild for a trial period during which time the Initiate will be evaluated for compatibility and integrity. Fiends have no obligation to stay with the Guild and may leave at any time. Fiends will not have access to the Guild Bank and may only apply with one character but may participate in all Guild events for which they are geared and eligible. A Fiend may be promoted by the Council to full membership upon recommendation by other General Members or Council Members.

The Fallen - The Fallen are individuals who have successfully completed the Fiend Phase and have been approved for full membership by the Council. The Fallen will have full access to all Guild events and the Guild Bank general tabs in accordance with established withdrawal limits. Guild alts for any ranks will be called Abomination and they will carry the same rights and responsibilities as the Fallen.

The Haradrim and the Drude - Drudes are veteran members and essentially hold the same Guild rights as the Haradrim (advisers) without actually being advisers.  The Haradrim are the adviser members and they are very active Guild Members who are dedicated WoW players, enjoy helping other players and are happy to help others with various aspects of game play and issue resolution. The Haradrim should play an active role in new member assessment and activities organization in conjunction with the appropriate Council Member. The Haradrim may be called upon by a Dark Council Member to act in an understudy position whereby the Haradrim would learn that role and be able to act in an assistant capacity or as an acting-Council Member in the event of an extended absence or vacancy of that position.  There will be two Haradrim for every class and every profession. 

Charter Amendments

This Charter may be amended as needed to reflect changing circumstances by a majority vote of the Dark Council. Should a majority vote be unattainable, the question shall be put before the General Membership for final resolution with a fifty-one percent aye vote required for approval of the amendment.

This Charter hereby serves as the founding document for the Demoniac of the Blackhand-US server, approved and implemented this 25th day of August 2010.

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