Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And So It Begins

Its been almost six months since I've played World of Warcraft.  My game card time expired on March 18th, 2010 and I haven't been able to scramble enough money to buy more time.  There's been too many bills to pay and a wedding to plan, so the priority for my money spending has obviously not been on WoW.

It honestly doesn't feel like its been almost six months, but the more I read about the new expansion coming out (likely in December of 2010), the more I miss it.  I wouldn't consider myself addicted to the game even though when I have it, I play it religiously.  This, I believe, is not because I'm addicted, but rather because when I start a game I go into it fully. I'm a hardcore gamer in that I dive right into a game and want to explore, achieve, level, and enjoy every aspect of the game.  I'm not a hardcore raider though, possibly only because most raids take too much time to commit to and require my undivided attention.

Raiding can be difficult when your better half doesn't play WoW or any other MMO's.  One major problem I have is acceptable or proper time management.  I have a bad habit of sitting down with my laptop and playing WoW for hours on end.  I get so into the game that I play non-stop.  Its not as bad as the Southpark World of Warcraft episode though... thankfully.

Without WoW, I often find myself fairly bored.  I've turned to other games in the meantime to pass extra time and while I've enjoyed those games, its just not the same.  I think part of what I miss the most about WoW is the guild environment.  Being able to play alongside friends and meeting new friends in the process.  I also miss being a guild master and planning fun events for everyone.  I love setting up the website and having the guild members actively communicating on both the website and in-game.  I strongly believe a good guild has a true family and community feel to it.  Its been a long time since I've been a part of a guild like that and I keep finding myself wanting to try and have that again.

One of my reasons for starting this blog was to try and start planning what I would want do if I wanted to start a new guild .  I've had a few in the passed and only one of them was somewhat successful.  I think it would be a good plan to hash out all my ideas on this blog before I actually start one again, if I do.

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