Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Guild is born!

Demoniac is official!

Well, its been just over a week since the guild was created in-game.  We're very small still, but you've got to start somewhere.  We have so much to do now it almost seems overwhelming.  Including myself, we already have four of our officers and have already begun the recruiting process for the others.

With all the kids coming and going in my household, both my fiancee and myself being sick, and Canadian Thanksgiving, I've been extremely busy and the guild hasn't grown much.  I have managed to dig up enough time to create a guild website and try to get things going on the forums.


I've been trying to stress the importance of recruitment to the other guild officers.  So far I've been keeping up posts on both the official Horde Recruitment Forum as well as the official Blackhand-US Forum.  This week I hope to begin actively recruiting in-game as well.  We don't have a Recruitment Officer yet, so this job falls on all of the guild's officers.

For officer positions, we're still looking for a Recruitment Officer and a Raid Officer.  The Recruitment Officer is responsible for all matters concerning guild recruitment and the Raid Officer oversees and schedules all guild raids and is in charge of appointing raid leaders, loot managers, and raid assistants.  We're also looking for regular guild members as well.  If you're interested in either an officer or a general membership, please contact me.

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